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Live Chat Conversion

Website visitors come and go on your website every day without you knowing who they are, having no opportunity to interact with them in real time, or understanding why did they leave and not convert into a sale.

Search Engine Laboratory

We focus on the website development, flow and design to allow potential customers to locate your site and search for vehicles on your site easily.

Inventory Management

Magnum’s relationships make it so easy for you to upload and manage your new and used auto inventory to your website.

Magnum Site Conversion with Anthony-Scott Hobbs

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“We were getting a lot of hits but we didn’t know what people were looking for. We put in the chat feature, and I would say it’s been singularly the best thing we’ve done. The chat function has singularly accounted for more leads and business than any other marketing idea we’ve ever had. And it will do the same thing for the buy-here, pay-here industry if they get it implemented on their websites.”

– Ken Shilson, NABD Founder

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